Investment Philosophy

  • Fundamental Credit Approach: We employ a rigorous ‘bottom-up’ credit approach on an investment by investment basis also taking into consideration the macro view of the market conditions and economic environment.
  • Focus on Exit Strategy: We seek the early identification of an achievable credit event to drive returns prior to investing.
  • Experienced Investment Manager:  Deploying a senior team that has invested through many a credit cycle and can draw on the experiences of the ‘Financial Tsunami of 2008/2009’.
  • Match Fund Liabilities with Asset Profiles: Whilst our core strategies focus on special situations, distressed debt and event driven credit, there are a range of many permutations e.g. controlling stakes v non-control, medium  v long term hold, public v private debt, liquid v illiquid investments and therefore it is essential to match the type of fund to the nature of the underlying of investment.

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